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About This Play/Drill

This is a play that the Spurs love to run that features a "snug" pick-and-roll between Tony Parker and Tiago Splitter. The pick-and-roll action between these two is deadly - Splitter is one of the best roll men in the league - but just in case the defense can bottle it up (which is rare), the Spurs have some sweet weakside action that can punish the defense even if they do everything right.

Video of this play.

  • Basketball Play - San Antonio's 15 SNUG
  • Basketball Play - San Antonio's 15 SNUG
  • Tony Parker begins this play by backdown his man on either side of the floor and getting to about 15-18 feet from the hoop. Meanwhile, Tiago Splitter sets a backscreen for Manu Ginobili (or any of San Antonio's other wings). Ginobili uses the screen to flash to the rim. If he is open, Parker can thread a pass to him for an easy lay-up. If he's not Ginobili clears through the paint to the weakside.

  • After setting the backscreen for Ginobili, Splitter then goes over to Parker to run a snug pick-and-roll with him. Parker dribbles around the screen and to the top of the key. While this is taking place on the strongside, there is weakside action going on designed to get the original cutter an open look from three. Kawhi Leonard and Borris Diaw both step up to set an elevator screen for Ginobili. Once Parker is at the top of the key, he has a few options. If the Splitter's man has come up to corral his dribble, he can hit Splitter on the baseline for the easy dunk. If the defense rotates over and covers Splitter, then the pass to Ginobili is there. If Ginobili is open but the defenses closes to him quickly, he can swing the ball to the corner for Kawhi Leonard, who settles back into that spot after setting his screen for Ginobili. And lastly, Parker can come around the screen and dribble towards the free throw line where he can unleash one of his patentend floaters. Essentially: if San Antonio runs this play, you best hope they miss.