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About This Play/Drill

Kansas ran this BLOB set for a lob dunk on 12/22/12 on the road at Ohio State.

  • Basketball Play - Kansas BLOB Lob
  • Basketball Play - Kansas BLOB Lob
  • As soon as the official hands 1 the ball, 2 clears out deep as the last option.


    5 takes one or two quick steps out toward the corner. 3 diagonally down screens for 5 (must head-hunt 5's defender on the down screen). 5 then curls back around the screen for the lob pass.


    1st Option: 1 lobs to 5 for the lay-up/dunk.


    If lob to 5 is not available, 5 clears out to the opposite short corner area.

  • Immediately after 3 down screens for 5 (after 5 has already gone for the initial lob), 3 will receive a down screen from 4.


    4 must head-hunt 3's defender and set a solid screen on X3. 3 will curl back to the rim looking for the lob pass from 1.


    2nd Option: 1 lobs to 3 for the lay-up/dunk.