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About This Play/Drill

Here is some good action that an opponent ran against us at the end of a half.  You could also run this at the end of the shot clock, end of the quarter/half, or as a set play.

  • Basketball Play - End of Shot Clock/Half
  • Basketball Play - End of Shot Clock/Half
  • 5 has his fist up, faking the high ball screen for the 1 man.


    3 will get a dribble handoff or a toss from 1. 1 then clears out to the wing.


    Timing is very important for the 1 and 3 men.

  • 1st Option: 3 man penetrating for a lay-up.



    2nd Option: If 2's defender helps on penetration, 3 kicks to 2 in the corner for the shot.