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About This Play/Drill

Despite their recent woes, the Golden State Warriors still rank as a top 10 offensive team in basketball, which is impressive given the amount of time they have spent without center Andrew Bogut this season. Bogut is a versatile offensive option that can score on the block and facilitate from the post or the elbow, which makes for some great offensive chemistry with David Lee, Golden State's other multi-skilled big man.

The Warriors can also use Bogut as a way to create offense for their potent guards - Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Here is an example of the Warriors putting Bogut on the block and using weakside action, as well as Bogut's nifty passing touch, to get a good open look for Thompson at the free throw line.

  • Basketball Play - Golden State's 4 Cross Pin
  • Basketball Play - Golden State's 4 Cross Pin
  • Basketball Play - Golden State's 4 Cross Pin
  • The play begins with Stephen Curry entering the ball into Andrew Bogut in the post on the left block. Once Curry has cleared to the left corner, the weakside action on this play begins. Carl Landry, standing near the right elbow, sets a cross screen for Harrison Barnes. In this instance, J.J. Redick overplays the Barnes cut over Landry, so Barnes decides to cut backdoor using the screen, forcing Landry's man to sag into the paint.

  • The Barnes cut to the hoop is a decoy action that forces Landry's man to sag into the paint and prevents him from helping out on the real goal for the Warriors: a pindown for Klay Thompson to pop to the free throw line for a jumper.

  • Bogut is such a skilled passer from the block and he makes an on target pass here, which Thompson converts with a fallaway jumper.