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About This Play/Drill

Nice set play run by the Akron Zips

The Zips ran off an 18 game winning streak this season

Coach Dambrot does a nice job with the Zips as they use good spacing & understand the driving lanes & screening angles

  • Basketball Play - Akron Zips
  • Basketball Play - Akron Zips
  • Akron Zips Early Offense vs M2M


    Harney (SG - 2) moves in and sets a screen for Marshall (C - 5) who steps out to ball screen for Abreu (PG - 1)


    McAdams (SF - 3) cuts baseline to the opposite corner


    Abreu (PG - 1) rejects the screen and dribbles off the the top of the 3 pt line passing to Harney (SG - 2) who pops out to the wing after his screen

  • Akron Zips Early Offense vs M2M


    Harney (SG - 2) receives a down screen from Abreu (PG -1) and looks to attack the paint off the dribble


    Treadwell (PF - 4) does a nice job screening his man off by opening up into a sealing position allowing Harney (SG - 2) to get to the rim