Minnesota Double Drag - FastModel Sports

Published 03/18/2017 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This DBL Drag action is well orchestrated as Mason is able to go right into a DHO with Coffey on the opposite side of the floor spreading the defense out.

On ball reversal, the backdoor is opened up when Lynch relocates.

Murphy with his ability to attack off the dribble drives the ball at the rim to the now open side of the floor.

  • Basketball Play - Minnesota Double Drag
  • Basketball Play - Minnesota Double Drag
  • 1 (#2 Mason) comes down on the break and goes off the DBL Drag screen from 5 (#22 Lynch) & 4 (#3 Murphy) into a DHO with 3 (#5 Coffey) on the opposite wing


    5 (#22 Lynch) dives hard to the basket after screening & 4 (#3 Murphy) pops back setting up the next action

  • 3 (#5 Coffey) reverses the ball to 4 (#3 Murphy) at the TOK


    2 (#1 McBrayer) cuts hard backdoor as 5 (#22 Lynch) relocates to the opposite block


    4 (#3 Murphy) attacks the paint off the penetration