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About This Play/Drill

West Virigina likes to run this action throughout the game especially with the luxury of having Adrian a true "stretch" 4 in the game.

Carter (PG) has the option of either taking the UCLA screen or stepping back for a shot or drive.

2 (SG) Miles Jr. can then curl off the step out screen from Adrian and has the option to immediately come back and screen-the-screener (option in this set as well).

The exchange on the baseline makes the defense turn their heads to guard and with Ahmad (SF) a strong presence also on the block, Coach Bob Huggins set play gets a lot out of their personnel.

  • Basketball Play - West Virginia - SPNP Action
  • Basketball Play - West Virginia - SPNP Action
  • Basketball Play - West Virginia - SPNP Action
  • 1 (#2 Carter) passes to 2 (#4 Miles Jr.) and looks to cut off the UCLA elbow screen set by 4 (#11 Adrian)


    1 (#2 Carter) reads the defender going under and pops back hard


    1 (#2 Carter) also has the option to cut ball side corner off the UCLA screen

  • 2 (#4 Miles Jr.) passes back to 1 (#2 Carter) and cuts over the top into the lane off a side screen from 4 (#11 Adrian)


    4 (#11 Adrian) pops after screening

  • 2 (#4 Miles Jr.) cuts out of the post to the weak side as 3 (#23 Ahmad) cuts into the ball side post to receive the pass from 4 (#11 Adrian)


    5 (#45 Macon) a very good mid-range shooter, flashes to the elbow