St. Mary's - Gaels Horns Set - FastModel Sports

Published 03/21/2017 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The St. Mary's Gaels do a very good job running their half court sets, with good patience, spacing, and ball movement, they make the defense really pay close attention especially off the ball.

This set out of a Horns, is very popular at the European level right now and the first action gives you a chance for a quick hitter off the back door cut.

St. Mary's has Jock Landale who can pop or roll out of the SPNR action which makes him a double threat and can open up the driving lanes for the guards too get in the paint and cause rotations, which then leads to kick-outs for their proficient shooting from behind the arc.

  • Basketball Play - St. Mary's - Gaels Horns Set
  • Basketball Play - St. Mary's - Gaels Horns Set
  • Basketball Play - St. Mary's - Gaels Horns Set
  • 1 (#25 Rahan) executes a DHO on the wing with 2 (#3 Naar) who dribbles out to the center of the floor


    4 (#34 Landale) & 5 (#21 Fitzner) flash high

  • 2 (#3 Naar) passes to 4 (#34 Landale) and cuts around him to set a down screen for 3 (#24 Hermanson) who fakes to the wing and cuts back door to the weak side corner


    2 (#3 Naar) pops hard back to the wing after screening and receives the pass from 4 (#34 Landale)

  • 4 (#34 Landale) steps to the wing and sets a ball screen for 2 (#3 Naar) who comes off looking to hit him on the roll for either a drive or pull-up shots