Arizona "Spurs Weak" Set - FastModel Sports

Published 03/21/2017 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Sean Miller runs the "Spurs Weak" action with the entry off the break to the wing, SPNR action and then on ball reversal opposite, utilizing a cross screen in the paint to free up the 5 man for a post entry pass.

Simple, but effective action to get your post man touches inside.

  • Basketball Play - Arizona "Spurs Weak" Set
  • Basketball Play - Arizona "Spurs Weak" Set
  • 1 (#5 Allen) enters the ball to 2 (#1 Alkins) on the wing and cuts to the weak side


    4 (#10 Markkanen) the trailing post sprints-to-screen on the wing for the ball

  • 2 (#1 Alkins) comes off the SPNR action with 4 (#10 Markanen) and passes to 1 (#5 Allen) on the opposite wing


    3 (#35 Trier) sets the cross screen for 5 (#14 Ristic) who comes ball side and receives the post entry pass