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About This Play/Drill

Sean Miller's Offensive sets are very creative, involve a lot of movement and do a good job changing sides of the floor.

This Princeton type Motion Action invovles a lot of screening actions, incorporates two ball screens and forces the Defense to be aware of cutters and movements on the weak side.

The opening action off the FT line elbow screen can yield a lob if the defender on the cutter gets hung up on the screen or is late trailing his man.

Use also have the back screen Flex type cut for Trier which can get your 3 man a quick post-up or easy lay-up off the ball reversal step out from the 5 man.

The play ends with either a SPNR or Step-up screen from the baseline.

Well designed, easy to execute, but very hard to defend when utilizing a full shot clock.

  • Basketball Play - Arizona - Motion
  • Basketball Play - Arizona - Motion
  • Basketball Play - Arizona - Motion
  • Basketball Play - Arizona - Motion
  • Basketball Play - Arizona - Motion
  • 1 (#5 Allen) passes to Markanen and then cuts off the FT line elbow screen from 5 (#14 Ristic) - if the pass is free, they will look to get this quick hit action


    4 (#14 Markanen) dribbles over replacing 1 (#5 Allen)

  • 4 (#10 Markanen) passes to 5 (#14 Ristic) stepping out off the screen


    1 (#5 Allen) back screens 3 (#35 Trier) who cuts hard in the paint and 4 (#10 Markanen) screens-the-screener


    2 (#1 Alkins) cuts to the opposite corner

  • 5 (#14 Ristic) passes to 1 (#5 Allen) and then down screens for 3 (#35 Trier) running off the baseline who receives the pass from 1 (#5 Allen)


    4 (#10 Markanen) sets a "rub" screen for 2 (#1 Alkins) and then pops back out

  • 4 (#10 Markanen) sprints-to-screen on the wing and 5 (#14 Ristic) steps up to screen from the baseline - 5 (#14 Ristic) clears as 3 (#35 Trier) rejects the screen and attacks


    The attack is cut off and he throws back to 1 (#5 Allen) filling behind


    3 (#35 Trier) cuts baseline clearing the wing

  • 4 (#10 Markanen) sets a ball screen on 1 (#5 Allen) who attacks the basket or can drop-off to the roller/pop man