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About This Play/Drill

Wichita State ran this Lob Play in their 2nd round of the game against the Univesity of Kentucky.

A very well conceived play with multiple cutting actions before the actual lob which gives nothing away.

The cut down the lane by Shamet really sets up the screen as McDuffie clears to the strong side.

The Shockers were a very underseeded team this year in the NCAA Tournament, but have a lot of potential coming back next year to make another NCAA run.

  • Basketball Play - Wichita State - Lob Play
  • Basketball Play - Wichita State - Lob Play
  • Basketball Play - Wichita State - Lob Play
  • 3 (#1 Brown) clears the wing on the strong side cutting to the weak side off the low screen from 4 (#0 Kelly)


    5 (#24 Morris) sets a screen at the FT Line for 2 (#32 McDuffie) who curls off the screen to the lane line extended just above the TOK.


    1 (#11 Shamet) passes to 5 (#24 Morris) flashing back behind the 3 pt line after screening

  • 1 (#11 Shamet) cuts down the middle of the lane as 2 (#32 McDuffie) rub cuts off 4 (#0 Kelly) to the strong side

  • 1 (#11 Shamet) steps up to set a back screen on x4 as 4 (#0 Kelly) goes to the ring for the alley oop pass from 5 (#24 Morris)