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Published 03/24/2017 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Gonzaga fought off a furious challenge last night in the Sweet 16 from West Virginia.

The Zags had difficult at times getting into their sets due to the relentless ball pressure applied from the Mountaineers.

Here is a Post Iso action run from a Box set where they look to free up Karnowski off a simple back screen action in the lane.

Gonzaga does a good job moving without the ball and opening up the cutting lanes as evident by the last frame here with the ball in the Post.

  • Basketball Play - Gonzaga Box Low Post Iso
  • Basketball Play - Gonzaga Box Low Post Iso
  • Basketball Play - Gonzaga Box Low Post Iso
  • 2 (#5 Williams-Goss) cuts under the Post man on the low block into the lane


    4 (#3 Williams) can set a screen or 3 (#4 Mathews) can use him as a "rub" action to get open on the wing for the pass from 1 (#13 Perkins)

  • 2 (#5 Williams-Goss) sets back screen on x5 to allow 5 (#24 Karnowski) to come across the lane and receive the post entry pass from 3 (#4 Mathews) 


    2 (#5 Williams-Goss) relocates to the weak side wing after screening


    4 (#3 Williams) shapes up around the FT line area

  • In this action:


    5 (#24 Karnowski) turns to face and hits 2 (#5 Williams-Goss) cutting in the lane off the dive cut from 4 (#3 Williams)