Gonzaga Hi / Lo Set - FastModel Sports

Published 03/24/2017 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Zags have effectively used this Hi / Lo action all season and tonight to try and get and more action with their bigs to the ring they used it as well.  Gonzaga has good size down low and this has been a very good action for them all season.

The FT Line flash is perfectly timed as Collins comes hard to the ball side and receives the pass, with Williams turning his body for the Hi / Lo action.


  • Basketball Play - Gonzaga Hi / Lo Set
  • Basketball Play - Gonzaga Hi / Lo Set
  • 2 (#4 Mathews) makes the "Iverson" cut over the top off the elbow screen from 4 (#3 Williams)


    3 (#0 Nelson) cuts baseline to the wing receiving the pass from a dribbling 1 (#5 Williams-Goss)

  • Gonzaga has effectively run this little Hi / Lo set all year and they used it against West Viriginia as well


    After passing:


    1 (#5 Williams-Goss) cuts away to the weak side wing pushing 2 (#4 Mathews) to the corner


    5 (#32 Collins) flashes hard to the FT Line / elbow area receiving the pass from 3 (#0 Nelson)


    Off the pass 4 (#3 Williams) turns to seal for the Hi / Lo pass