North Carolina Secondary Cross - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

UNC runs the SPNR on the wing looking to come off and attack or hit the post coming off the cross screen in the lane.

The cross screen creates traffic, making the defense have to guard multiple actions at once.

  • Basketball Play - North Carolina Secondary Cross
  • Basketball Play - North Carolina Secondary Cross
  • 1 (#2 Berry) reverses the ball to the trailing post 4 (#4 Hicks) who swings the ball to the wing for 2 (#1 Pinson)


    4 (#4 Hicks) follows his pass with a ball screen


    3 (#44 Jackson) moves toward the lane setting up the next action

  • 3 (#44 Jackson) sets a cross screen for 5 (#3 Meeks) as


    2 (#1 Pinson) comes off the SPNR action with 4 (#4 Hicks) looking for the post off the cross screen or can take it himself