Screen the Screener - FastModel Sports

Published 04/18/2017 by Mo Dakhil Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Grizzlies ran a great ATO out of a sideline out bounds play with two options that led to a Marc Gasol three. The first option is a lob for the guard coming off a back screen and the second is the screener receiving a screen to get them open for a three.
  • Basketball Play - Screen the Screener
  • Basketball Play - Screen the Screener
  • Inbound the ball to the 1, the 2 will cut across over the top, while the 4 clears out to the strong side corner and the 3 cuts to the strong side wing.

  • The 1 passes to the 3 as the 5 sets a back screen for a lob and the 1 sets screen to open the 5 up for a three.