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About This Play/Drill

Full court advantage/disadvantage drill

  • Offense: find the big advantage
  • Defense: get a stop from the disadvantage situation

Adapted from "Disruptive Pressure Basketball" by Ernie Woods

  • Basketball Play - 3v2v1
  • Basketball Play - 3v2v1
  • Phase 1: Defending The 3v2 Disadvantage

    3 makes an outlet pass to either 1 or 2 (2 as shown) then fills the opposite wing lane.


    2 makes the centering pass to 1 breaking into the middle lane and fills the right wing lane.


    1 pushes with the dribble.


    X1 stops ball, X2 has first pass responsibility. If/when X2 takes ball, X1 must drop to LOW I. "Bottom out, top down."


    Offense seeks to FIND the player with the big advantage and score quickly

  • Phase 2: Defending The 2v1 Disadvantage

    If/when the defense gains ball possession or when a shot is made, X1 and X2 convert to offense and push the ball up the court against 2.


    2 must try not to surrender a layup or shot to X1 and X2. Play continues until the defensive player gains ball possession or the offense scores.


    SWITCHING FROM OFFENSE TO DEFENSE: the last offensive player to touch the ball becomes lone defensive player in the 2v1 on the other end. Other two offensive players must touch the halfcourt line and become defense vs. the next group. Set the tandem.


    VARIATION: Once the drill is learned, use two balls. Second ball starts as soon as first ball crosses halfcourt line on the way back.