Weak Side Pindown - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Here is a great quick hitter that can be run right out of transition that Iowa State used numerous times throughout this past season. The quick hitter is tremendous because it flows right out of transition and seeks to put the ball in the hands of your best players (2 and 5) multiple times. Also, this play creates great spacing for your trail man (5 in this play) to get the ball in an isolation scenario if the other options are not available. 

  • Basketball Play - Weak Side Pindown
  • Basketball Play - Weak Side Pindown
  • Basketball Play - Weak Side Pindown
  • 5 sets a wide pin down for 2. 2 cuts off this screen into the lane. 1 looks for 2.

  • If 2 does not receive the ball off his initial cut, 4 an 3 will set a stagger screen for 2. 2 pops off this screen looking for a three pointer. As soon as 2 cuts off of the screen, 5 cuts to the high post area on the weak side of the floor.

  • If 1 can not pass to 2 coming off the stagger, he will look to hit 5 in the high post area. 5 can then face up and attack the basket or play a pinch post 2 man game with 1.