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About This Play/Drill

Memphis ran this play at the 5:21 mark of their game three loss to the Spurs.  This layup by Randolph put Memphis up by 11.  The Spurs made two consecuctive defensive errors on this play.  First, Randolph was doubled in the post leaving Gasol wide open at the free throw line.  After Pondexter ball faked to the free throw line both Spurs guarding Randolph ran to the free throw line.  Z-Bo was left unguarded on the block for the layup.  Regardless of the Spurs defensive lapses, this is a good set involving screening to get the ball into the post.  

  • Basketball Play - Memphis Staggered Rip
  • Basketball Play - Memphis Staggered Rip
  • 5 (Gasol) screens 3 (Allen)

    1 (Conley) passes to 4 (Randolph)

    4 dribble hand offs with 1

  • 3 and 5 set a staggered back screen for 4

    1 passes to 2

    2 passes to 4

    3 pops out to the weakside wing

    5 pops to the nail