Iowa State- Elbow Handoff - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Iowa State ran this quick hitter in their NCAA Tournament win against North Carolina. Iowa State starts out in an elbow set, the point guard DeAndre Kane passes to the 4 (Melvin Ejim) on the elbow. After making the pass, Kane goes with the 5 to set a double screen for the 2 (Matt Thomas) in the corner. Thomas goes into handoff with Ejim at the elbow and looks to shoot 3pt shot. 

  • Basketball Play - Iowa State- Elbow Handoff
  • Basketball Play - Iowa State- Elbow Handoff
  • 1 passes to 4

  • 1 & 5 set staggered down screen for 2 who goes into handoff with 4. 2 looks to shoot 3pt shot behind the handoff.