Sun Box Triple - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Baseline out of bounds play ran by the CT in their 66-62 loss to the Mystics 6/7/13.  The play starts off with a familiar box set action.  Often when 4 passes to 1, 4 would screen the screener.  The Sun flipped the down screeners, having a big screen a little into the lane.  Usually a little will screen a big into the lane.  This change allowed 2 to run the baseline coming off of 4 and 5's screens.  Having the bigs screen the guard on the baseline should prevent a switch.  

  • Basketball Play - Sun Box Triple
  • Basketball Play - Sun Box Triple
  • 4 pops to the corner

    3 passes to 4

    1 cuts to the wing

    4 passes to 1

    5 downscreens 3

    2 pops to the short corner

  • 3, 5, and 4 screens the baseline for 2

    1 passes to 2