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About This Play/Drill

Here is a set that Butler ran often for Gordon Hayward (3 in this set) to get him an ISO opportunity on his favorite side of the court. 2 cutting hard off of the stagger screen is essential so that x3 helps, giving 5 a great opportunity and angle to flare 3 out to the wing. Misdirection feel of this play by having all of the action go to the weak side up until the point of the flare from 5 also helps make this an effective set. 

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  • Basketball Play - Back
  • 4 cut to weak side corner

    3 and 5 stagger for 2

    2 cut off stagger to the weak side wing

    1 dribble off center to the left

  • 5 flare screen for 3

    1 hit 3

    3 iso on strong side of court