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The Boston Celtics were down 2 with 25.8 seconds left in regulation when Brad Stevens called a timeout, noticing his team was not likely to get a good shot attempt late in the shot clock. The Celtics used this play to combat the late game switching strategy that the 76ers were using and get a quick shot at the rim.  5 started the play by curling around the screen from 4 and to screen for 1. This occupied Philadelphia's defenders and forced the only help on the lob to come from x1 as he switched onto 5 on the screen. Jaylen Brown (2) then screened for 4 and cut to the rim. Because the 76ers were switching that screen, Brown was able to seal his new defender and cut to the basket to receive the lob pass for a quick finish.

A Lesson in Late Game Situatinos: Celtics-Sixers Game 3

  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - EOG Clear Lob SLOB
  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - EOG Clear Lob SLOB
  • 5 turns to use 4's screen then screens for 1.

    1 cuts to receive inbounds up top.

  • 4 cuts to corner off of screen from 2, who then turns and cuts to basket.

    3 passes to 2 at rim.