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The Boston Celtics were down 1 with 8.4 seconds left in overtime when the got the ball stuck in the corner and they had to call a timeout to save the possession. They initially ran a play to get the ball to Jayson Tatum but had to call their final timeout when the 76ers nearly forced a five-second call on the inbounds pass. Down to their final chance, the Celtics ran this play to get Al Horford (5) isolated at the rim. The 76ers were switching all screens to keep the Celtics from getting an open look. This worked to the Celtics advantage as Horford screened for 2, bringing Joel Embid (x5) away from the basket to deny the pass to 2. x2 and x3 had already switched assignments when 3 cut along the baseline. This isolated Horford against Robert Covington (x3) in the post. Covington fronted Horford to deny the pass but with the weak side cleared, Horford sealed his defender to get the lob pass at the rim for the game-winning basket.

A Lesson in Late Game Situations: Celtics-Sixers Game 3

  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - EOG Post Seal SLOB

1 cuts to the backcourt.

3 cuts around 2 to wing.

5 screens for 2, then seals his defender.

4 passes to 5 at rim.