Go Gets Scoring - FastModel Sports

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  • Basketball Play - Go Gets Scoring

Drill Description


Frame 1


- Player 1 starts with the basketball stationary but with a live dribble.

- The coach will call out "pass" when player 1 has to make a between the legs move before passing the ball to the coach (C).

- Once player 1 passes to coach, player 1 will start moving towards the coach being shot ready.


Frame 2


- Coach will pass the ball back to player 1 (green).

- As the ball is in flight back to player 1, the coach will call out commands forcing player 1 to make a quick decision on the catch.

- Complete a certain amount of makes before switching sides.



- The coach will call out "left", "right", or "shot".

- "Left" means attack to the left (red) for a pull up jump shot or finish.

- "Right" means attack to the right (blue) for a pull up jump shot or finish.

- "Shot" means player 1 will catch & shoot from 3.

- The coach can challenge the player by calling out several commands with the last word being the decision the player has to make. (For example: "Left, left, shot, RIGHT" means the player will attack to the right side).