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About This Play/Drill

Fred Hoiberg's name has come up in several off-season NBA Coaching openings, showing the amount of respect he has at the highest levels.


Hoiberg's experience in the NBA shows in the way Iowa State executes and runs their offensive sets. Everything is predicated on good spacing & player movement. Hoiberg gives his players the ability to create 1 v 1 situations and use their skills to breakdown the defense which in turn creates opportunities for everyone else on kick-out passes.


This very easy to run Diamond play can be run for any one of your players to create an isolation situation.     

  • Basketball Play - ISU Diamond
  • Basketball Play - ISU Diamond
  • Basketball Play - ISU Diamond
  • Iowa State Diamond Set vs M2M


    1 (Kane - 50) makes the entry pass to 2 (Morris - 11) coming off the low block screen from 5 (Niang - 31)


    3 (Hogue - 22) cuts out to the weak side wing as 4 (Ejim - 3) flashes to the elbow on the ball side

  • Iowa State Diamond Set vs M2M


    2 (Morris - 11) looks for post entry and when no pass is available, he passes back to 4 (Ejim - 3) popping out above the TOK


    5 (Niang - 31) looks for either the High / Low action or looks for a quick duck-in pass


    *Notice the good spacing on the weak side as 3 (Hogue - 22) slides to the corner & 1 (Kane - 50) relocates to the wing

  • Iowa State Diamond Set vs M2M


    4 (Ejim - 3) passes the ball back to 2 (Morris - 11) on the wing who hits 5 (Niang - 31) breakding out to the ball side corner


    After the pass, 2 (Morris - 11) cuts through looking for a quick give & go action


    5 (Niang - 31) uses his mobility to attack the baseline 1 v 1 as 3 (Hogue - 22) crashes the weak side boards