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About This Play/Drill

The Iowa State Cyclones were one of the most exciting offensive teams to watch at times this season with a multi dimensional offensive attack.


Here is a "quick hit" Lob play run for their talented athletic PG DeAndre Kane


Perfect timing of the cut by Hogue eliminates the weak side help as Ejim steps up to set a back screen on x1 as Kane heads to the ring for the lob pass from Niang

  • Basketball Play - Iowa State "2"

Iowa State "2" Lob vs M2M


1 (Kane - 50) passes to 5 (Niang - 31) who takes one dribble outside the TOK


On the pass to 5 (Niang - 31) - 3 (Hogue - 22) clears the weak side eliminating the help defender


1 (Kane - 50) cuts off a screen from 4 (Ejim - 3) to the rim for the lob pass