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About This Play/Drill

If you have a great #2 and you want to run secondary break offense, plays from Larry Brown's "Iverson" series might be just what you need.  This series sets up your #2 to score consistently and to maximize his skill set within the framework of your team's offensive scheme.

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  • Basketball Play - Iverson Series

Setup for all Iverson Series Plays

#1 - Brings the ball up the floor

#2 - Comes off of stagger double set by #'s 4 and 5.

#3 - Movement will be based on the play called.

#4 - Sets stagger double screen at the ball-side elbow for #2.

#5 - Sets stagger double screen in the short corner for #2.


Iverson Series Plays

On "Iverson Clear", #3 clears to the corner opposite #2 to set up an isolation for #2. #2 can beat his man off of the bounce and attack the rim or shoot the jump shot.


On "Iverson Bump", #3 stays home and #2 looks for #4 coming off of a back screen set by #5. If he cannot, we have two ways that we can run the rest of the play:


1) #5 pops to the high post and we can enter into a four-around-one offense.

2) #5 sets a ball screen for #2 and we execute the pick and roll.


On "Iverson Hold", #3 will post up on the low block and #2 will look to pass the ball to him. If that pass is not available, #4 will set a ball screen for #2.