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About This Play/Drill

Lithuania ran this play today versus Croatia in Semi-Final action of the 2013 Eurobasket Champsionship. Lithuania ran some phenomenal actions all game but this was one of my favorites. Even though this play seemed to breakdown the players kept running the action to end in the pick & roll.

  • Basketball Play - Twist Punch
  • Basketball Play - Twist Punch
  • 2 and 3 criss-crossed and received screens from 4 and 5. 1 passed to 3.

  • 4 set a flex screen for 2 and 1 then pinned down for 4. 4 was not able to get open for the catch & shoot so he sprinted into a pick & roll with 3. As 3 came off, 4 rolled hard to the basket. X5 sank down to take 4 rolling so 3 threw back to 5 for a catch & shoot 3-pointer.