Auburn Tigers - Pairs Clear - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

A Down Screen and a Cross Screen are used to move the defense. Then "Gap Clearing Cuts" by the 5 and 2 create a nice double gap for the point guard to attack. See video below.


  • Basketball Play - Auburn Tigers - Pairs Clear
  • Basketball Play - Auburn Tigers - Pairs Clear
  • Pairs Action:

    A. 4/5 Set the High Post and Baseline Screens

    B. 3 Clears

    C. 2 Makes a Curl cut off the High Post Screen

  • Gap Clearing Cuts:

    A. 2 Sets a Down Screens for 5 and Clears

    B. 5 Flashes Hard to the 3 Point Line

    C. 1 Attacks the Double Gap