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About This Play/Drill

The Aces pull this rabbit out of the hat to open the quarter and give a completely different look than their base offenses. There are multiple scoring options here including a flare skip, a 1 on 1 at the elbow, or an empty corner drive if the UCLA cut and pass is not there. 

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  • Basketball Play - Las Vegas Aces - Brush UCLA ATO
  • Basketball Play - Las Vegas Aces - Brush UCLA ATO
  • 1 races the ball across half court and enters it to 2 who is popping to the wing.


    The trailer - 4 - sprints down the court to get to the elbow area where she meets 1 who is shallow cutting across the nail.

  • As 1 passes her plane, 3 cuts straight off the UCLA screen from 5 to receive a pass from 4 to score.


    1 is available on the wing for a skip pass if the pass to 4 is not available.


    As another option, 5 shapes up to receive the ball in the elbow area