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About This Play/Drill

This is a great play for teams with bigs that can pass and guards that can finish around the rim.

There are two ways to go on this play. The initial off ball elevator screen from the 5 to the 1 opens up a potential direct three-point opportunity. However, on this play, Derrick Rose (1) recognizes the open space and makes a back cut straight to the rim. The inbounder Wiggins (3) passes to Karl-Anthony Towns (5), who immediately throws a boune pass to Derrick Rose (1) who already has momentum towards rim. 

Now, on this specific play Rose is met at the rim by a help defender because the 4 is Taj Gibson, who cannot shoot the three, and can be easily left in the corner. If you are lucky enough to have a 4 that can shoot, then this is an even higher percentage shot, as the help defense will stay with the shooter. If not, there's an opportunity for a kickout corner three. The defense can't do both. Spacing opens up so much opportunity for an offense!

Despite the help defense, Rose has the momentum to make a quick move and score the layup. Having players that know how to keep their momentum when cutting towards a pass can be deadly! See video below.

  • Basketball Play - Minnesota Timberwolves - 51 Back Cut SLOB
  • Basketball Play - Minnesota Timberwolves - 51 Back Cut SLOB
  • - 2 moves through from top of key to left corner

    - 5 sets down screen for 1, who heads to top of key

    - 4 moves to right corner (spacing)

  • - 3 passes to 5

    - 1 fakes outside then makes cut towards basket

    - 5 bounce passes to 1

    - 1 drives in for layup