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About This Play/Drill

In this diagram and embedded video we look one of my favorite defensive drills. I don't see this concept being taught much. The drill is to teach defenders to stay between the ball and the rim in high conflict situations, and force the offense take the toughest shot possible without fouling. Your players can get very good at this skill if it is emphasized enough.

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  • Basketball Play - 1 on 1 Guard Drill

Organization: A line of players starts at half court with one defender starting at the free throw line. The coach starts with the ball.


Description: The coach passes the ball to the offensive player in a full sprint who begins a dribble attack at the defender. The offense wants to get to the hoop for a lay-up (8 or 9), not settle for a jump shot. The defense should not retreat but move laterally to stop the penetration with his chest, filtering it outside the paint. The defense wants to get their hands off the offensive player and contest the shot without fouling. The defense should make the shot as tough as possible while staying between the hoop and the offensive player and staying down until a shot attempt.



-Do not open gate

-Do not put hands on offensive player

-Contest without fouling

-Stay down on all shot attempts

-Rebound into power positon