Shadow - FastModel Sports

Published 12/23/2014 by Justin Scanson Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Great pressbreaker to use against a relentless faceguarding press.  The key is for the 4 to be able to make good, quick decisions. Touchdown pass over the defense to 2 cutting up the court will be available early. 5 can stay and set an open court screen for 2, but I think it works better to send 5 as soon as action starts.

  • Basketball Play - Shadow
  • Basketball Play - Shadow
  • 1 sets a screen for 2. 2 cuts hard to baseline, 3 cuts hard to ball, 5 clears out up the court
  • 2 cuts hard up the court looking for over the top (draws x4). 1 sets screen for 3 cutting up the court. 1 pops out for entry.