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About This Play/Drill

This baseline out-of-bounds play is not just a way to get the ball in. It gives two solids options to get a good look in the paint. It can be run against man or zone. It has a higher potential to be run against zone because of the cutting action but it is essential that if it is run against zone that the screener hits his man. This play is one I took from my father who has coaches youth basketball for over a decade and it has been his most succesful baseline out-of-bounds play. Also since it ends up in four players on the baseline, Flex can be run from it after the ball is inbounded. 

  • Basketball Play - Mr. G
  • Basketball Play - Mr. G
  • Guards line up at the free throw line. It is important that they stand shoulder-to-shoulder. It is also important that all players are facing the in-bounder and not giving away that a screen is coming.

  • 5 screens up for 1 and 1 cuts towards the hoop. Hit 1 for open layup is the first option. The second option is for the 5 rolling to the hoop. 2 and 3 are safety valves. Occassionally, 3 will be open for a corner 3.