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About This Play/Drill

The Florida Gators are playing shorthanded right now, but once their line-up is complete, they will be a very exciting team to watch.

Head Coach Billy Donovan has a wealth of experience and the way he runs his half court sets demonstrates this.

Here is "America's play", a simple Horns action with a STS action at the end setting up either post entry or a possible jump shot.

From here, the Gators go right into their Ball Screen Motion which they do a great job of executing.

This play was taken from the Gators game against the Wisconsin Badgers during ESPN's 24 hour marathon.

  • Basketball Play - Billy Donovan Horns Set
  • Basketball Play - Billy Donovan Horns Set
  • Gators Horns Set vs M2M


    Hill 0 (PG) makes the entry pass to Yeguete 15 (PF) in the Horns Set


    Prather 24 (SG) cuts from the strong side corner to the block setting up the next action


    Hill 0 (PG) cuts to the strong side wing


    Young 4 (C) moves to set a "decoy" down screen for Walker 25 (SF)

  • Gators Horns Set vs M2M


    Prather 24 (SG) moves to set a cross screen in the lane for Young 4 (C) who flashes hard ball side looking for a quick entry pass from the wing on Yeguete's 15 (PF) pass to Hill 0 (PG)


    Yeguete 15 (PF) screens-the-screener at the FT line as Prather 24 (SG) comes off the screen looking to catch & shoot or curl the screen if the defense trails