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About This Play/Drill

This is a play I saw in a NCAA Division II game in January.  The game was Mt. Olive and King (Tennessee).  My apologies as a I don't remember which team ran the play, but it's great that you can find good, innovative offense everywhere.

  • Basketball Play - D2 Elevator
  • Basketball Play - D2 Elevator
  • Basketball Play - D2 Elevator
  • Point Guard passes to wing and then sort of UCLA cuts to post to screen post defender. Post player steps out as if to catch at short corner. Point guard this cuts through to opposite post.

  • The high post big man then pops out and receives the pass and swings it to the opposite guard who quickly comes to the top of the key. The point guard fills the opposite wing or higher.

  • The Point Guard gets the ball back via dribble handoff. At the same the the big men get side by side as the open guard cuts through the lane and then dashes back through the fence. It's a great idea for the shooter to turn into a backpedaling flare once through the screen with ready hands.