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About This Play/Drill

Late Game SLOB from Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings. Vandy ran this set late in the game against Florida on Feb. 18 down 2. This set has multiple options for a lob or 3.

Player positioning: 1 should be your best passer, 2 should be your best shooter, 5 should be your best rim finisher.

  • Basketball Play - Vandy-SLOB
  • Basketball Play - Vandy-SLOB
  • Basketball Play - Vandy-SLOB
  • 5 (or your best rim finisher) sets a down screen for 3
  • 2 (or your teams best shooter) sets a back screen for 5
  • 4 sets a screen for 2 (2 can curl or catch at the 3 point line)