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About This Play/Drill

As a University of Kentucky fan I have been able to watch Billy Donovan several times a year since I was a kid. It's still burned into my mind excellent post players such as David Lee, Jo Noah, and Al Horford dominating my beloved Cats on the block. Although, those are certainly not the only posts that have excelled in his system. This is one of my personal favorites of Coach Donovan and I look forward to seeing how well it works for Kevin Durant. 

This play is great for multiple reasons. The first, it is a natural counter to a normal secondary break action for the Gators, a spread pick and roll. The guard rejects the screen to drive baseline. The 3 man (normally for Coach Donovan is an excellent 3pt shooter) is spaced in the corner. The key to this play, is freeing up a stretch 4 for an open look. After dishing and spacing, the 1 man leads the stagger for the 4 while the 5 man completes the stagger.

What happens if there is a big to big switch? This all depends on your personnel. Let's apply this to Coach Donovan's new team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. If this play is ran for Durant at the 4, the options for the defense aren't pretty. If the screen is gapped, you run the risk of Durant having a wide open look. If you switch, you risk having a center guarding arguably thefts scorer in the league. Again, you don't have KD on your squad and I know I don't. But perhaps this can get you an isolated mismatch.


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  • Basketball Play - 2 Rip (Billy Donovan Play for Stretch Big)
  • Basketball Play - 2 Rip (Billy Donovan Play for Stretch Big)
  • Pick and Roll counter. Weakside players space for pass. 5 pops.

  • 4 comes off of a stagger back to the ball after 5 pops. 2 can take it to the hole or skip to 3 in the corner or kick back to 4 for a 3.