Ball Screen with Double Backside Flare - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This set was run by the Chicago Bulls in the 2006-2007 season. This set is designed to get you an isolation with your point guard coming off of a flat ball screen or a three point shot from your 2 or 3. After your point guard uses the flat ball screen, your 3 pops, your 2 man runs off of the double backside flare looking from the baseline pass from your point guard for a three point shot.

  • Basketball Play - Ball Screen with Double Backside Flare

1. 3 sprints up and sets a flat ball screen for 1 and 3 pops.

2. 1. uses the ball screen.

Option 1 - 1 creates his own shot off of the flat ball screen.

Option 2 - 1 passes to 3 on the pick and pop.

3. 2 starts to slide to the corner, as X2 slides down into helpside 5 sets a back side flare screen on X2, 4 sprints down and sets a backside flare on X5.

Option 3 - 1 passes to 2 for a three point shot.