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Basketball Play - Loop with Side Ball Screen & 2 Counters

Loop with Side Ball Screen & 2 Counters

Basketball HQ 09/11/2012

Any good play is going to have counters to help keep the defense honest. This play has several different counters and they can either be set up in a play call or your players can just make the read during the game. If you see that a certain player is being over played or the defense is keying towards something then you can make the call as well. See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC: Zone Set #1

3FTC: Zone Set #1

Greg White 08/12/2012

This is a fun set to install. The players will love it and you'll love the result. We use a pass I first saw late one night watching FIBA basketball on NBATV. Think Manu Ginobili type play. Your player passing will sprint to the baseline, jump out of bounds and complete a cross court pass. I like this pass because if the defense tips it you get to run a BLOB (see my other posts) and most defenders, mine included are going to stop at the baseline. If they don't, again, hit them and its a BLOB opportunity. Drill included See More

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