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Basketball Play - Play of the Day 01-13-2012: 1-4 High Lion

Play of the Day 01-13-2012: 1-4 High Lion

FastModel Sports 01/13/2012

1 can enter the ball to either wing, in this case the 2. 3 begins cut across the lane. Throughout this play, 5 must work to get the ball so that x5 cannot help. After 1's pass to 2, 1 screens down for the opposite post 4, who steps high to receive the return pass from 2. 3 continues through the lane and locates X2 to prepare to set the back pick. 4 reverses the ball immediately to 1 who has broken out to the wing after holding screen on X4. 3 screens for 2, who makes a flex cut to the block, looking for the layup. Again, depending on the game situation, we will take the layup if open unless we must have a three point shot. After 2 has cut through the lane, 5 and 4 set a staggered double screen for the screener, 3, who comes to the top of the key. 1 passes to 3 for the open three point shot. If x4 shows off the double screen, 4 should slip to the front of the rim. 2 should space to the corner. See More

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