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Basketball Play - 1-4 High Game Winner

1-4 High Game Winner

Jeff Luera 10/21/2022

This play is great for late game situations. It can be used for a 2 or 3pt field goal, but has great read options for both. The set is built out of a 1-4 High set with the primary ball handler starting on the wing, the shooter bringing the ball up and primary post on the weak side of the floor. The 2 will enter the ball into the 4 at the high post. The 4 will perform a dribble handoff with the 1 on the strong side wing, while the 2 uses a flare screen out to the weak side wing. The 3 will clear out to the opposite corner. The 1 will pass the ball to the 2 off the flare screen and option 1 is the wide open 3pt jumper. The 5 will then roll to the rim after the flare screen and be ready for the dump off finish, which is the second option. This is an awesome end of game situation that uses a high level shooting threat as a distraction for a point blank layup at the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Tennessee State Tigers - Spread Rip Lob

Tennessee State Tigers - Spread Rip Lob

Matt Wheeler 02/26/2019

Tennessee State was down 2 late in the second half of their game against Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) and needed a basket to tie the game. They ran this wrinkle out of their spread offense to get a dunk off a lob pass. The play starts with the typical spread offense action of a dribble handoff, ball reversal and 4 cutting to the strong side corner. 1 diverts from his normal cut to the strongside elbow or block areas and sets a back screen for 5. The right side of the floor is cleared so 5 can be wide open for the lob pass from 2. Click for more Spread Offense content! See More

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Basketball Play - USC - Circle Reject

USC - Circle Reject

Matt Wheeler 03/20/2017

USC ran this play as a counter to their circle handoff in their game against Baylor. They ran this same play multiple times with 1 coming off of the down screen from 3 to get a dribble handoff to attack the rim. This time 1 rejected the down screen and scored on a backdoor layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavs - DHO Iverson Screenback

Cleveland Cavs - DHO Iverson Screenback

Matt Wheeler 10/26/2016

The Cleveland Cavs ran this play in the second quarter of their season opening game against the New York Knicks. They used it after a timeout to get a wide open 3 pointer for JR Smith (3). 4 (Lebron James) initiates the offense with a dribble handoff with 3 and uses an Iverson cut to get the ball back on the wing. 4 immediately drives baseline then turns back to pass to 3 for the 3 point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Indiana Pacers - Loop Chicago

Indiana Pacers - Loop Chicago

Lucas Shapiro 02/23/2016

The Pacers ran the common loop action on this set but did not give it to C.J Miles because he was being denied the ball. Instead they entered it into the post and ran Chicago action (off-ball screen into a dribble handoff). This created an open look for Miles even though his defender did not make contact with any of the offensive players. See More

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