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Basketball Play - UNI Gate Screen Counter

UNI Gate Screen Counter

Dana Beszczynski 11/23/2015

UNI ran this counter action to the shuffle screen which saw Koch come into the post receiving a pass from Jesperson who popped out after his screen. This time, Jesperson screens Bohannon who runs into the lane, hesitates by putting his "fist" up to signal screen and Koch also moves down as if to set a screen for Morgan. Both come together and execute a perfect "gate screen" for Bohannon who runs between the screens, closing to seal off the defender and Bohannon is free for the open 3 pt shot. Ben Jacobsen's team is very exciting and fun to watch. This is an excellent series you can easily install at any level to keep your opponents guessing! See More

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Basketball Play - 32


Andrew Lacey 07/13/2015

Start in a 1-2-2 alignment with your bigs on the blocks. 1 will dribble the basketball away from the side he wants to enter the ball. (ex. Go away from your best shooter). As one is coming back to the shooter's side; 4/5 will set a double screen (elevator screen) for the shooter (2 in this case). 2 will sprint around the screen and back to the ball side corner looking for the shot. 3 will slide to the weak-side corner. If 2 is not open for the pass/shot. 5 (or the post thats at the top of the double screen) will set a screen for the 4 (or post at the bottom of the double screen). 4 then curls tight off the screen looking for a pass from 1. See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors "Wing Twist Fence"

Golden State Warriors "Wing Twist Fence"

Gibson Pyper 06/01/2015

This is great action that flows directly out of their early offense and 21 series, with options for both Klay and Steph. The ball is pushed early with a pass just like 21, but instead the player receiving the first pass reverses the ball to the trailing big at the top of the key. After this Steph and Klay play off each other screening for one another and reading the defense. Whichever guard pops to the wing comes off a dribble hand off from the big, the other comes off double screen on opposite side. Kerr runs a couple of wrinkles out of this action, having Klay being a screener in the double screen and peeling off for a shot and another nice Elevator counter out of it. See More

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Basketball Play - Atlanta Hawks "ATO Elevator"

Atlanta Hawks "ATO Elevator"

Gibson Pyper 05/07/2015

Coach Mike Budenholzer has a great playbook with a variety of plays for different situations. After a timeout in Game 1, he called a nice Elevator set for Kyle Korver, although it was covered well by the Wizards, they still got a decent look from the 3 point line. The set starts off in a Sideline out of Bounds situation and is triggered by the 4 man popping to the top of the key. The inbounder (point guard) sprints down toward the post, and v cuts back to the wing. Korver sets a cross screen for opposite wing and sprints through the elevator screen. See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs "Cross Elevator"

San Antonio Spurs "Cross Elevator"

Gibson Pyper 04/30/2015

Gregg Popovich has mastered the art of getting his second unit to run great after time outs/sets to open up the second and fourth quarters and he ran a great set against the Clippers for a 3 pointer. This set is an Elevator set for Patty Mills. Mills starts by passing the ball to the wing and cutting to the middle of the key. He fakes like he will set a cross screen for 3 to freeze his man and sprints through the elevator doors. See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs "Elevator"

San Antonio Spurs "Elevator"

Gibson Pyper 04/23/2015

After a timeout the Spurs run an "Elevator" set for Belinelli to try and get him an open look at a 3, and even though he was wide open, Kawhi Leanord misses him on the wing. This action is setup by the point guard cutting through & the bigs screening for each other, disguising this play until the last minute. See More

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Basketball Play - Chicago Bulls "PNR Elevator"

Chicago Bulls "PNR Elevator"

Gibson Pyper 04/23/2015

In the Chicago Bulls bigger lineups they have Mirotic at the 3, Gibson at the 4 & Noah at the 5, this lineup works well because Mirotic can shoot the 3 well and set ballscreens effectively. A set that the Bulls have run throughout the year is having Mirotic set a ballscreen and they turn and sprint off an elevator screen. See More

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