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Basketball Play - Depaul Horns Action

Depaul Horns Action

Kevin Bruinsma 01/22/2015

Trailing by 2 with 20 seconds left and facing a UIC 2-3 zone defense Depaul went to a horns action against the zone. They made it difficult for UIC’s zone to determine when to bump and when to stay defending the ball and it ultimately led to an open game winning 3. Keep in mind Depaul didn't hit the shot off the initial action, but the action broke UIC down and led to the wide open 3 pointer. See More

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Basketball Play - Elbow Pin Elevator

Elbow Pin Elevator

Kyle Gilreath 01/08/2015

This is another play Billy Donovan ran last night in their victory over South Carolina. While the emphasis of this play is to get 3 a shot via the elevator screen, there is also an inside opportunity as well. By placing Finney-Smith at the 3, this game the Gators a bigger target inside off the initial pin-down action. Furthermore, with so much attention at the FT-line area, this is also a great opportunity for 1 to ball fake and drive baseline to the rim with the only help defender being X2. See More

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Basketball Play - Box 2 - BLOB

Box 2 - BLOB

Luke Riegel 10/06/2014

This BLOB set provides an opportunity to get your best shooter (2) an open 3-pointer on the perimeter. The early action and movement by 3 and 1 tries to get the defense more concerned about their movement and forget about 2. A great "counter" option for this set is to occasionally pass it to 3 as he makes his Iverson cut. He will have an open side of the floor to attack. See More

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Basketball Play - 31 Thru

31 Thru

Kyle Gilreath 05/12/2014

The Indiana Pacers ran this After Time-Out drawn up by Frank Vogel during their win over the Washington Wizards in Game 4 of 2014 EC Semi-Finals. What made this play so effective was Paul George's (3) hesitation under the rim creating enough space with his defender to get through the screen for the catch & shoot. See More

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Basketball Play - Sooner Red

Sooner Red

Randy Brown 05/09/2014

Great set play for a scoring perimeter shooter. Action starts with dribble to wing by 1 as 2 and 3 re-locate. 3 catches high as 1 and 2 swing wings. 3 dribbles to left wing to set up 4-5 squeeze screen for 2 for jump shot. See More

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