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Basketball Play - Texas Tech Red Raiders - 25 Rub

Texas Tech Red Raiders - 25 Rub

Dave Nedbalek 04/08/2019

This is a very simple way to put 5's defender in a tough situation and a step behind a quick strike action. Notice the motion principles staying true off-ball with Culver adding the flare screen after 2's brush screen on 5. If x5 jumps to coverage early your big can slip to the rim wide open. As with most of Tech's offense were never 100% sure what is a natural occurrence in their true motion offense but nonetheless, this is a simple effective way to help your big arrive alone. Blog Post: Texas Tech Defense Puts Opponents on Red Alert See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Cavaliers - Elevator Decoy

Virginia Cavaliers - Elevator Decoy

Doug Brotherton 04/07/2019

This set is my favorite of the 2019 NCAA Tournament. Virginia ran the elevator set out of a box formation. As Auburn thought it had guarded it well, Virginia built in a counter with a screen for a throwback on the baseline drive. This resulted in a wide open 3 in the Final Four, and Virginia went on to play in the National Championship game. Blog Post: Virginia's Elite Efficiency on Both Sides of the Ball See More

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Basketball Play - Ohio State Buckeyes - Weave Point Wide Fan

Ohio State Buckeyes - Weave Point Wide Fan

Dave Nedbalek 03/26/2019

Love this set. I am a huge fan of getting skilled bigs at the top of the key with the ball and space. The misdirection to begin softens the defense up and then there are countless possibilities you can finish this set with. I love the natural push of the drive off of the weave and Chicago action handoff into the flare on the weak side. That flare can be easily mis-guarded and result in a slip and a wide open layup for the screener. I love the built in throw-back, or "shake" action with the ball screen, roll, and corner lift as well. A lot of bang for your buck with this one. See More

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Basketball Play - Belmont Bruins - Nail Flare

Belmont Bruins - Nail Flare

Timothy Hipps 03/23/2019

This is a set the Belmont Bruins brought with them to the 2019 NCAA Tournament. It's a great set for a wing scorer to drive the ball against his defender. This set is part of a larger series of plays we will call "Nail". It's great set for a "stretch 4" or great screener who can shoot the 3. Blog Post: Mid-Major Teams Poised to Make Noise See More

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