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Basketball Play - Fist Up Short vs. Blitz / Hedge (Canada)

Fist Up Short vs. Blitz / Hedge (Canada)

Greg Youncofski 04/26/2016

This is a very effective play against a team that will blitz/hedge out on the middle ballscreen. The ball-handler is not looking to beat his man off the screen, but instead is looking to hit the bottom big as quickly as possible. The ballscreener is looking to set the screen and then roll quickly to the basket to receive the big to big pass before his man can recover. Make sure one of your better passers is making the big to big pass. See More

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Basketball Play - Help On Middle Penetration

Help On Middle Penetration

Randy Sherman 04/20/2016

#PressureManTips On-ball defenders - Make every attempt not to allow middle drives through the elbow from the wing! BUT if/when they do occur, "Top I" always helps! There are two options available: Trap at elbow Fly Switch For more on the step-by-step implementation of a pressure man-to-man defensive system... See More

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Basketball Play - Syracuse - Princeton Action

Syracuse - Princeton Action

Dana Beszczynski 04/01/2016

The Syracuse Orange ran a version of the Princeton Offense in their NCAA Tournament game against Gonazaga. Here is a breakdown of this very dynamic set with movement to keep the defense off balance, down screens for the shooters, and two ball screens. Syracuse has a very athletic team and possesses a great ability with their three guards to knockdown the 3 pt shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Winthrop 1-4 High Options

Winthrop 1-4 High Options

Wes Kosel 01/14/2016

Option 1: Pass to Wing - 1 passes to 2 on the wing and 3 moves to the ball-side corner. As 2 dribbles middle, 1 cuts off of a flare-screen from 5. If the flare isn't open, 5 sets a ball-screen for 2. Option 2: Hand-Off - If 2 isn't open on the initial cut, 1 can give the ball to 2 on a dribble hand-off. Once 2 has it, he dribbles off of a high ball-screen from 5. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky


Dana Beszczynski 12/08/2015

John Calipari has had 26 of his Kentucky players drafted in the NBA during his tenure in the Blue Grass State. In 2012 his Wildcats won the NCAA Championship. Last season, the Wildcats finished the season undefeated, but lost in the NCAA Finals to finish the year 38-1 with a perfect 18-0 record in the SEC. Calipari has been a Dribble Drive Motion guru at Kentucky and has tinkered with the system to fit his skilled players. In the last years, the Wildcats have incorporated some different looks to the system, but still like the drive and kick action of the DDM. This is a Diamond set which when executed through can provide many different scoring options. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Heat "35 Slice"

Miami Heat "35 Slice"

Brandon Mullis 11/05/2015

At the end of the 2nd quarter of their final preseason game against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Miami Heat ran this set to Gerald Green to get to the rim for a wide open lay-up. Green came off the wing ball screen attacking the rim, but also had options to pass to a cutting Josh McRoberts or shooters on the perimeter spotting up. This is really good action for an end of shot clock or end of quarter type of set, to get one of your best penetrators and athletes attacking the rim, or if the defense collapses on penetration, a kick out for an open 3-pointer. See More

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