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Basketball Play - Push Zip Iverson Series

Push Zip Iverson Series

Matt Hackenberg 11/23/2021

This is a series of plays that all originate out of the same basic movement pattern. The movement pattern masks the outcome of the play to help against teams that are well prepared through scouting. The series of plays is designed to feature a dynamic soring point guard. The push zip iverson action helps create safe movement against teams that like to pressure. I like the series of plays because it allows for creativity from a dynamic player (the side ball screen), looks for cheap points (blind pig and backdoor), and gets a shooter a a good look for three in a crafty way. Follow me on Twitter where I post often - @CoachHackGO Visit my Sellfy store for detailed basketball coaching content - See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky Wildcats - Spain Lob

Kentucky Wildcats - Spain Lob

Tony Miller 11/12/2021

Watch the video below as Coach Tony Miller uses FastDraw, the #1 play diagramming program for basketball coaches, to break down this awesome design from the Kentucky Wildcats vs Duke in the 2021 Champions Classic. Lots of great action here: -can run out of transition -appears to look like a stagger -2pt option for 5 at the rim -3pt option for 2 after screening Send the play to your FastDraw library using the button above. Get FastDraw (new subscribers use code: SAVE10) Follow Coach Miller on Twitter View Coach Miller's Playbank page for more plays & drills More FastDraw content from Coach Miller: SSGs for Player Development & Team Offense SSGs for Ball Screen Offense Brad Stevens Playbook Check out the latest coaching content from FMS See More

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Basketball Play - Gonzaga Bulldogs - Ghost PNR

Gonzaga Bulldogs - Ghost PNR

Matt Wheeler 11/05/2021

With Gonzaga struggling to score in the championship game against Baylor, the Bulldogs went to this ball screen set to get an open shot at the rim. The play starts out with a ghost screen from 3, 5 then follows for a PNR with 1. x3 did not want to help off of 3 because he is a shooter. This left x4 as the only player to help on 5 rolling to the basket. x4 met 5 late at the rim as 5 was able to easily get the finish. See More

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