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Basketball Play - Dribble Handoff 2

Dribble Handoff 2

Scott Peterman 08/28/2012

Today's Set Play from Men's Basketball Hoopscoop is a National Champion "University of Kentucky" Dribble Handoff Set play. This set play is a great mis-direction set for Dribble Drive Motion Offense. It's a great play even if you don't run Dribble Motion Offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Double Back Screen/Down Screen

Double Back Screen/Down Screen

Basketball HQ 08/28/2012

This set was run by the Chicago Bulls in the 2006-2007 season. This set is designed to get a lay up for your post player or a three point shot for your point guard. In this screen the screener action, your point guard will have to head hunt and set a good screen on 4's man, in order to get a wide open shot. See More

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