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Basketball Play - Wisco S/S Blob

Wisco S/S Blob

Kevin Bruinsma 05/21/2015

A traditional screen the screener set out of this normal formation would have the 5 man screening for the guard so the guard can pop to the corner and the 5 can dive to the rim. In this particular play Wisconsin reversed the action as they had already ran the traditional screen the screener once. Kaminsky instead of screening in received a screen and was able to roll right to the basket for a wide open slam dunk. #10 Nigel Hayes stays spaced out all the way on the opposite side of the floor to remove the other big from being located near the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - New Mexico State Box Pinch Post

New Mexico State Box Pinch Post

Wes Kosel 03/20/2015

New Mexico State is staying in the game by being patient on offense and waiting for open shots. In this box set play, the guards start at the elbows with 2 screening down for 4. 5 and 3 then screen the screener with a double screen on the opposite block. Now the point guard has the option to hit 2 for a shot on the wing or pass to 4 at the pinch post. In the game, 4 got the ball and looked to drive to the basket after 1 cut through the lane. See More

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Basketball Play - UIC Horns Screen-Screener

UIC Horns Screen-Screener

Kevin Bruinsma 02/11/2015

With Horns being such a popular set at all levels I thought I’d take a look at another action that UIC ran in their game at Milwaukee. They dribbled the point guard over to the wing and had him dribble off both 4 & 5 ball screens. Milwaukee tried to defend this in multiple ways which you will see in the video below. They tried to hedge it with the 5 man, and then they attempted to switch it. I thought this action was great to get your point guard off two ball screens, then get your 2 man coming off a screen the screener for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - UIC BLOB Screen-Screener

UIC BLOB Screen-Screener

Kevin Bruinsma 01/24/2015

After Depaul hit the 3 to put them ahead over UIC the Flames had a chance to respond for the win. With the ball out of bounds underneath the Depaul basket, UIC took a timeout and diagramed a screen the screener play with 1.8 seconds on the clock. The play got UIC a wide open three from the ball side wing for the win. With such a short clock the Depaul defenders were caught between switching and trailing their own guys. The key to this entire action is the sharp jab step taken towards the rim, and then the screen for the man cutting right to the rim. That put Depaul’s defense in catch-up mode. See More

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