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Basketball Play - Flood vs Zone

Flood vs Zone

Rory Hamilton 07/17/2019

Initial Set-up: 1-3-1 alignment with post players at high post and low post. Play is initiated with a pass to either wing. After passing to the wing, the point guard cuts through the zone and looks to get low and behind the zone. The high post player pops our for a quick ball reversal. On ball reversal, the bottom post defender comes to the strong side block while the point guard empties to weak side corner while opposite wing moves up for ball reversal. After passing to the 4 man, the 3 immediately cuts through behind the zone and looks to flood the weak side of the zone. When the 4 man passes to 2, the point guard will raise up slightly. 2 them drags the top of the zone towards the middle while the 5 player flashes to the middle to occupy the middle man of the zone. After dragging the zone, the 2 player passes back to the 1 man and the point guard reads are : shot, one more pass to the corner, or a post feed to the 5 man. See More

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